Autodesk Distance Learning – Micrographics TutorBOX

Do you want to study at home? Your holiday house? The office? Now the choice is yours!

TUTORBOX is a self-paced, 30-day distance learning product developed by Micrographics in order to deliver CAD training to you in a manner that suits your schedule. You get your own Micrographics tutor to assist you throughout the course – online & telephonically! You will receive Micrographics certification upon completion of the course.

Autodesk training paths available:

  • AutoCAD
  • Revit Architecture
  • AutoCAD Civil3D
  • Inventor

What’s in the BOX?

  • Fully functional relevant CAD Software. (30 days)
  • DVD’s including tutorial files relevant to your learning path.
  • A training manual with step by step instructions to complete all necessary tutorials.
  • Your Tutor: Contact details for your Accredited Industry Specialised Autodesk Trainer to ensure that you have every opportunity to successfully complete the training.
  • A complimentary coffee mug.
  • Access to the world of Computer Aided Design! This could be the first step on your path to a new career!

How does it work?

  1. Decide on a learning path.
  2. Order your TutorBOX.
  3. Once paid for, we will send your TutorBOX to you.
  4. Follow the installation instructions included in the box and register your starting date.
  5. Your Tutor will contact you and help plan your learning path with you, set dates and times to communicate with you throughout your training.
  6. Upon completion of the course, you will participate in an evaluation with your tutor after which you will receive your certificate.

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