Autodesk Maya – 3 Year Subscription

3D computer animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering software

Create expansive worlds, complex characters, and dazzling effects
Bring believable characters to life with engaging animation tools.
Shape 3D objects and scenes with intuitive modeling tools in Maya® software.
Create realistic effects—from explosions to cloth simulation.

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Autodesk Maya Commercial New Single-user ELD – 3 Year Subscription

Autodesk Maya is designed to give new users an understanding of the skills needed to create beautiful 3D models and animations with Autodesk Maya. Using easy to follow instructions, this book will guide you through learning all the major features of Maya. The text is complemented by video instruction. Each chapter has a corresponding video tutorial that introduces you to the topics and allows you to watch and learn how functions are performed in a way that a text alone cannot do. This guide makes no assumptions about your previous experience with Autodesk Maya. It begins by helping you with the user interface and navigating scenes before moving into modeling, texturing, lighting, animating, rendering and more. Advanced features such as character rigging, skinning, animating with dynamics and MEL scripting are also introduced. Each chapter begins by examining the concept behind each task, the goal and the necessary features that are involved. Then you go in-depth with the objective of your task as you study examples and learn the steps necessary to complete it. Working your way through the lessons, you’ll develop the skills you need to create incredible renderings and animations using Autodesk Maya.

NEW | Create serious effects procedurally with Bifrost for Maya

  • A new visual programming environment using dynamic solvers enables you to create blockbuster-worthy effects quickly.
  • Build custom graphs using the Bifrost Graph Editor.
  • Create stunning effects—from snow and sand to dust storms and explosions—with ready-to-use graphs.

Render your most complex projects with Arnold

  • Arnold is built to manage complex characters, scenery, and lighting challenges.
  • Arnold is integrated with Maya, so you can see high-quality previews and iterate changes quickly.
  • Save time with Arnold’s artist-friendly UI and simple, intuitive controls.

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