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Fusion 360 – Generative Design Extension CLOUD Commercial New Single-user Annual Subscription PROMO

Get unlimited ideas to optimize designs by materials and manufacturing techniques.

Discover a unified workflow that harnesses AI geared toward manufacturing processes, enabling the exploration of numerous ideas far beyond human imagination rapidly, eliminating the necessity to individually model and validate each one.

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AutoCAD Fusion 360 Generative Design Extension – 1 Year Subscription (single user)

Explore multiple outcomes that meet your design specifications while reducing weight and improving performance.


Enhance Design Cycle Productivity
Explore more ideas with one workflow that utilizes manufacturing process-aware artificial intelligence (AI) to expand design options well beyond human imagination quickly, without the need to model and validate each individually.

Improve Product Performance
Increase product design confidence by meeting performance criteria through the automated application of considerations such as lightweighting, improved structural integrity, and continued durability.

Optimise Production Cost
Unearth options for part consolidation, material reduction, sustainable designs, and manufacturing cost comparisons to weigh commercial production costs against design decisions.


Manufacturing methods and constraints
Generate manufacturing-ready designs with your requirements, constraints, materials, and manufacturing options.

Machine learning and AI
Consider cloud-generated designs based on visual similarities, plots, and filters powered by machine learning.

Native, editable results
Avoid long, manual import-export processes. Pick your outcome and start editing in your modeling environment.

Cloud solve
Simultaneously solve for various design outcomes, freeing up your time to focus on other tasks.

Estimate manufacturing costs, powered by aPriori, for each generated design based on production requirements.

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1 Year, 3 Years

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