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Fusion 360 – Simulation Extension CLOUD Commercial New Single-user Annual Subscription PROMO

The Simulation Extension in Fusion 360 empowers your team to assess both performance and manufacturability.

Different types of simulation studies provide valuable insights into how your 3D designs function in real-world scenarios, aiding in preempting issues before production.

Delve into a range of simulation tools such as structural, thermal, and explicit simulations, incorporating specific features like injection molding, to gain comprehensive insights for manufacturing processes.

R24,360.99 R26,375.88 (incl. vat)


AutoCAD Fusion 360 Simulation Extension – 1 Year Subscription (single user)

Test the manufacturability of designs with structural or thermal simulations and more.


Injection molding simulation
Run simulations to identify how part design influences part manufacturability and part quality for plastic injection molded parts.

Non-linear static stress
Simulate large deformation, motion, contact, and load change behaviors on nonlinear materials.

Event simulation
Predict how time-dependent forces influence 3D design performance.

Thermal steady state
Trace heat transfer to understand if your part may fail based on the maximum critical temperature.

Modal frequencies
Inspect the effects of natural, free vibration on your part or assembly to help you fine-tune your design.

Structural buckling
With insights like the critical buckling multiplier, develop and refine designs to prevent structural failure.

Thermal stress
Simulate temperature-induced stresses and varying thermal expansion characteristics of materials in the model.

Shape optimization
Achieve lightweight design goals by identifying and removing material from your designs.

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1 Year, 3 Years

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