Sketchup Pro

Once off perpetual purchase with the option to maintain every year.

R14,461.25 (incl. vat)

SketchUp Pro 2019 Classic software license is a perpetual license, which means that you are licensed to use it on an ongoing basis and it won’t expire after 12 months. In other words, your SketchUp software will continue to work for as long as your Operating System is able to support it, and not switch off after twelve months. As part of this initial purchase, you will be entitled to Telephonic / eMail Support during normal office hours for the first 12 months. After which you will receive a quotation to renew the Support Agreement for the next 12 months. Please note the renewal of your Support Agreement is optional

SketchUp is useful from the earliest stages of design to the end of construction. Programming, diagramming, design development, detailing, documentation, RFIs-wherever you need drawings, SketchUp pro comes in handy. Find a 3D model of anything necessary for your design work, turn models you have created into documents and customize your own add on tools to take away 3D modeling issues that may occur in other programs.


Simple is powerful

3D Modeling

The most intuitive way to design, document and communicate your ideas in 3D.

Iterate in 3D

Work through your ideas in 3D space and quickly develop your projects.

Accurate, detailed models

Accuracy from the beginning is key. SketchUp enables you to design, define, and plan in all stages of the project.


Features you’ll love


SketchUp plays well with all of the other tools in your design toolbox.


Use the Extension Warehouse to make SketchUp exactly what you need it to be.


Work smart and work fast with SketchUp’s components.


Customize the look and feel of any project’s style to make it your very own.

Generate Reports

Get stakeholders all the details they need to get the job done.


This isn’t SketchUp’s first rodeo. SketchUp uses inferencing to make accuracy and speed a cinch.

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